A group of young musicians are launching performers.lu as an intermediary between performance organizers, artists and the audience. The platform was founded by Caroline Mirkes, a Luxembourgish cellist, pianist and composer, with the aim of making contemporary as well as classical art accessible and fairly remunerated, and with the vision of stimulating creativity through unifying and supporting artists internationally.

On their website the responsible of performers.lu say: « We provide an international network of professional musicians and other performers easily bookable by corporate as well as private event and concert organizers via our website www.performers.lu. We furthermore invent and produce art event concepts with focusing on intense and innovative experience through the direct connection between art and ambiente. »

Performers.lu also offers educational projects such as crash and try-out courses for music and art beginners of all ages. « Interference with the audience is additionally guaranteed with the Performers.lu research base, a project where young composers and other artists meet to search for innovation in creation, to analyse the current streams, and to undertake experiments with the audience. »


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