The National Theatre in Prague announced that the tenure of the 66-year-old Norwegian Per Boye Hansen as Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera is extended until 31 July 2028.

“We especially appreciate the transformation of the soloist ensemble, which now includes numerous young and talented singers and is able to perform a very broad repertoire of opera works under the guidance of experienced and renowned but also young and perspective directors. We are proud to have presented the visionary project Musica non grata, which seems even more important today than we might have originally thought,” said Jan Burian, the Director General of the National Theatre.

The National Theatre also appreciates the collaborations with Ukrainian artists, ever-increasing participation of female directors and conductors in the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera projects, as well as the praise that the work of our ensemble has been getting abroad.

Growing number of spectators and tickets sold also prove the success of the Artistic Directors work, the news release says.


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