Penderecki's villa in Luslawice
(c) Remy Franck

The Polish government and 85-year-old composer Krzysztof Penderecki have agreed that the composer’s 30-hectare property in Luslawice, southern Poland, will be taken over by the Polish state.

The property comprises a manor from 18th century and Penderecki’s famous arboretum, where he planted 1.800 species of trees and bushes.

Penderecki has told Poland’s PAP news agency that the maintenance of the park is too much of a burden for him.

Main view of Penderecki’s huge arboretum
(c) Remy Franck

“If the Ministry of Culture is interested in purchasing the residence, it will surely be the best way to ensure that my work on it would not be wasted but will last,” he said. His wife Elzbieta added that “this wonderful place will have a future as State Treasury property and continue to educate young musical talent.”

Penderecki’s arboretum
(c) Remy Franck

Penderecki’s estate is situated next to the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music which includes a concert hall, rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and rooms for visiting musicians and lecturers.

Penderecki Centre in Luslawice

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