Classical music is not only about arts, but also about money. An who says moneys often means funding. The Belgian ‘Goeyvaerts String Trio’ knows how crucial funding can be. To realize their upcoming CD the Trio turns to their fans for support and launches the Kickstarter project. They use as a platform to collect funds for their album and offer exclusive and remarkable rewards in return for each donation! That means you can support trio’s upcoming CD and become a part of it already now. For the simple donation of £20 the reward is a copy of the new album. More generous you fund – greater comes the reward: from a private concert to an exclusive Flemish meal in the intimate family gathering of the trio with them cooking for you! Here is the link to the support page: kickstarter-goeyvaerts-string-trio.

‘Goeyvaerts String Trio’ is an extraordinary ensemble known for their perfectionism in every detail and high acclaimed works. Their great spirit, outstanding play and sense of humor makes them a perfect match for the modern crowd-funding breakthrough platform Kickstarter. This time for their new album the trio turns to the emotional drama of noted Arvo Pärt and his world famous ‘Stabat Mater’ complemented by the specially composed uplifting piece from Ivan Moody, ‘Simeron’.

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