The case of the transformations at the Paris Opera Garnier was up again yesterday, December 14, at the Paris Administrative Court. The lawyer of the plaintiffs, Maître Benoît Jorion, requested the suspension of the work and the restoration of the main hall at Palais Garnier. The ruling of the Court is expected in the coming days. The plaintiffs tell us, that the hearing has confirmed a very important information which the Opera house never wanted to confirm: the old separation walls were not stored, but rather destroyed. Apparently, the lawyer of the Opera had to admit this – not without difficulties – facing the pressing issues of the Court’s President. The plaintiffs say that this fact is « extremely serious. First, because the opera has consistently stated that the walls had been stored and not destroyed, telling the press that they were in restoration. This seriously calls into question the sincerity of the Opera. »

It is clear that, if the separation elements have been destroyed, the opera never thought of putting them back, as General Manager Lissner said.

The plaintiffs say that « the destruction of historic monument is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of € 100 000 and 7 years in prison. »

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