Veronika Lindenmayr

Outhere-Music has announced the opening of a new office in Germany. The office will be managed by Veronika Lindenmayr, who has a long and rich experience in the music business, and will be located in Cologne. Mrs Lindenmayr and her staff will contribute to the promotion of Outhere’s labels on the German market, in close collaboration with our dedicated distributor, Note1. She will also participate in the promotion of our main artists and further develop our excellent relations with German artists, ensembles and institutions.

Mr Charles Adriaenssen, Chairman of Outhere-Music commented: “Outhere are an expanding and ambitious music group, so it’s a logical step to strengthen our presence in Europe’s principal musical nation. We have excellent relations with German artists and institutions and, with the help of our talented local team, we aim to become a key player on the market very soon”.

An independent musical publishing and production group, Outhere-Music brings together 10 labels and distributes its recordings round the world – some hundred new releases annually, ranging from early to contemporary music, jazz and world music –, be it in physical form or digital.

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