Philharmonie de Paris

The Orchestre de Paris will lose its independence. The French Minister of Culture has announced that the Orchestra will become part of the Philharmonie in 2019. Orchestre de Paris was founded in 1967.

According to the omnipotent Laurent Bayle, president of the Philharmonie, the merger will give a lager visibility to the orchestra which will keep its name. Bayle also said that the contracts with the musicians will be respected. The merger should not diminish the number of jobs at the Orchestra, though, if that would really be the case, the merger definitely doesn’t make sense. Could it be that Bayle is just trying to expand his power? Is this related to the decision of the current Music Director Daniel Harding to not renew his contract in 2019? And how does Bayle want to prove that ‘his’ orchestra will be the best in France if the both of the radio orchestras (Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France / Orchestre National de France) are playing on a higher level?

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