The Franco-Argentine opera director Jorge Lavelli died in Paris Monday morning. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1932, with parents of Italian origin. He arrived in France in 1960 as a recipient of a scholarship from the National Fund for the Arts in his country to follow courses at the Charles Dullin school and the Jacques Lecoq school. He spent almost his entire career there and became a naturalized French in 1977.

His first productions, which were more specifically directed to a theater of research and creation. In 1969, he created a first form of “musical theater” at the Avignon Festival with Orden, by Pierre Bourgeade and Girolamo Arrigo. It started another part of his work, dedicated to opera.

As an opera director he mainly worked for Opera in Paris but also for Vienna State Opera, La Scala and the Aix-en-Provence Festival.

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