National Sawdust Concert Hall

The opening week of National Sawdust, a new, artist-led, non-profit venue for comtempory music in Brooklyn N.Y. has been a huge success. The brand-new concert hall, a place for exploration and discovery has fulfilled the goal to be a place where emerging and established artists can share their music with serious music fans and casual listeners alike.

National Sawdust, which opened on October 1 is a $16 million project built into a former more than 100 years old sawdust factory. The hall seats up to 350 patrons, and doubles as a recording studio and rehearsal space.

Sawdust’s inaugural week featured performances with or dedicated to Terry Riley, with musicians such as John Zorn, electronic duo Matmos, clarinettist and composer Evan Ziporyn and Riley’s son Gyan. Upcoming events include New York Philharmonic’s Contact! series and a Zorn festival.

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