London has a new music school. The London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM) is a new Independent International Music Conservatoire which opened its doors in January.

“While teaching students from the best universities around the world,” says Stefania Passamonte, Director of the new-born academy, “we noticed that there is a big gap between the classical conservatoire degree programmes and the real professions in the current classical music industry. Our innovative Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, pursuing excellence in musical performance (staple of the UK Conservatoires) will be integrated with supportive modules on the current professions and disciplines connected to the music industry, including Music Business and Music Law,  Music Journalism and Broadcasting, Music Production and New Technologies, Music Management and Marketing, designed to better prepare students for all the challenges they are likely to face in the music business of the 21st Century. »

In response to the great demand from international students to start the innovative courses during the current worldwide lockdown, LPMAM is launching its first integrated Online Music Diplomas and Certified Courses and offers full instrumental Classical music diplomas online.

More information is available here.

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