The thriller about the new appointment of the rector of the Liszt Academy in Budapest has a new episode (first report, see below). There is now a new job advertisement, according to which a « distinction by the Hungarian state » is a prerequisite as a new criterion. According to Hungarian media, not even the candidate of the university boards, the former deputy director Kutnyánszky, fulfills this. So the new call for applications means a significant narrowing of the field.

Other application criteria include: at least five years of internationally outstanding and recognized experience as a composer or performer, at least five years of teaching experience, at least five years of management experience, numerous internationally recognized recordings, prizes at international music competitions, experience as a jury member at international music competitions, knowledge of the leading artistic and pedagogical institutions in the European music field, and a high level of expertise in the management and administration of music institutions, and just then the requirement of having received a state honor.

In the case of a musicologist, the following qualifications are required: internationally outstanding musicological activity, more than 10 scientific publications in a world language cited in the international literature, and experience as a speaker at international musicological conferences.

The new call does not reduce the group of applicants to classical musicians and admits both cultural workers and performers – this was protested because of the discriminatory nature of the previous call – but a new clause has just been added that severely restricts potential applicants.

Orban government failed for now in filling the post of rector of the Liszt Academy


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