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The National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Poland, recently inaugurated the new organ in its main hall. Designed and made by the organ company Orgelbau Klais from Bonn, it crowns the beautiful concert hall and with its royal sound and further enhances its acoustic qualities. The instrument has 4700 pipes – including 312 wooden ones, and the rest made of different tin alloys – the smallest of which is only a few millimeters, and the biggest – over 10 meters long. The range of sounds that they can produce is between 16 Hz and 18 000 Hz.

National Forum of Music, Wroclaw

The instrument has 80 stops divided into five independent sections, four manuals and a pedal. In addition to the basic organ voices (principals, flutes, strings, mixtures and reeds), the organ is equipped with the so-called high-pressure and percussive sounds (bells, celesta, xylophone). The stylistics of the instrument is inspired by the French symphonic organ at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, however, some of the stops are intonated in the style of German Romanticism, which allows the performance of the broad organ repertoire, both solo and with orchestra.

The organ is equipped with two independent consoles – mechanical, located directly at the instrument and mobile (electric) allowing any location on the stage (which is important in the cooperation of the organist with the orchestra). In addition, a memory sequencer is installed to save as much as 100,000 records.

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