The Nashville Symphony will not organize a Free Day of Music in 2019, like it did since 2006. According an announcement on Facebook « …our understanding of our role in the community has begun to change and expand. In response, we have started taking a closer look at our Free Day of Music so that we can assess how well we are serving our community with this program.

This event requires hundreds of hours of staff, volunteer, and musician time each season. With all of this in mind, we have an opportunity and an obligation to explore how we can most effectively use these resources. For this reason, we will not host Free Day of Music in 2019. »

The orchestra says it will continue to offer a wide range of free community programs throughout the year, including our Chamber Music Series at the Schermerhorn and our summer Community Concerts at local parks and invites all those who « have ideas about how the Nashville Symphony can better serve our community, we want to hear from you. Write us at »

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