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Last week, the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra was busy recording music for the Luxembourg cultural programme for the Grand-Duchy’s pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai (Pizzicato News). Now, Luxembourg’s Federation of authors and composers FLAC revealed that these compositions have been commissioned from three German composers. In a press release, the Federation « deplores this new intolerable affront against Luxembourg’s composers who, once again, have not been taken into consideration. (…) Opportunities to compose for philharmonic orchestras, and thus to export our production, are extremely rare, especially in our country. For many of our members, this opportunity may come up once in their lifetime. What a missed opportunity! »

Our readers might remember Pizzicato’s numerous comments about the former Minister for Culture, Maggy Nagel. This lady, whose trademark was incompetence and who often came to the ministry with a whole suitcase of clothes in order to have the right outfit for every appointment during the day, finally had to vacate her seat. She resigned by the end of the year 2015 and, as a reward for her deficient work, she became a well-paid government councillor and head of the delegation in charge of the Luxembourg pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai. The Real Maggy Nagel apparently proved once more her zero knowledge of cultural matters in Luxembourg.

FLAC says: « It has been explained to us that the choice of composers was in the hands of the German firm responsible for the scenography in Dubai. What would have prevented us from including in the specifications the imperative recourse to composers from our country? (…) The mistrust and lack of consideration thus shown and impacting especially on the music sector is simply unthinkable in other countries. » Maggy, it’s December and end of the year. A good time to do the same as in 2015.

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