Peter Seabourne

UK composer Peter Seabourne continuous his ‘Steps’ piano series with Italian record label Sheva. This is a set of large scale piano cycles, currently standing at five volumes. Volumes 2 and 3 are already released. Volume 4 is recorded and manufactured ready for general release in July; Volume 5 will be recorded in January 2015 and Volume 1 soon after. ‘Steps’ stands apart from much in contemporary music. Pianist Max Lifchitz says: « Seabourne’s compositional style reveals rigorous craft and respect for tradition. His music wilfully disregards recent stylistic trends; however, it sounds distinctively modern. Unlike a lot of contemporary music, Seabourne’s writing rewards both the accomplished performer and the attentive listener. »



From Steps Vol. 1 « Over the Ocean »


From Steps Vol. 2 Old Man with Water Studies


From Steps Vol. 4 « Canto i miei Sogni »

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