Minnesota Orchestra
Photo: Tim Rummelhoff

The 2015-16 season of the Minnesota Orchestra ended with a balanced budget. The fiscal report shows a short surplus of $12,000 on a $31.7 million budget. Total expenses for Fiscal 2016 were $31.7 million, an increase over the prior year’s $31.1 million, mainly due to the organization of a European Tour.

With a total of $18 million the fundraising income was more or less equal to the one of the previous year.

Earned revenue totalled $9.6 million, an almost 13 percent increase over Fiscal 2015’s $8.5 million. The average audience capacity for all concerts reached 87 percent, compared to 83 percent the prior year. In total, the number of ticketed concerts the organization offered increased by 4 percent in Fiscal 2016, while the total number of tickets sold increased by 9 percent.

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