Teatro alla Scala, Milano

Milan’s Teatro alla Scala is building new spaces behind the old theatre, in Via Verdi, where a building which had been acquired years ago, has already been demolished to allow the new construction designed by architect Mario Botta. The annexe will cost between ten and fifteen million euros.

The new building will occupy about eighteen meters below the ground and about 36 meters above ground, with six floors underground and eleven on the ground. The underground floors will be largely occupied by a single space, a 14-meter-high rehearsal room. There will be two storeys of changing rooms and, from the ground floor upstairs, offices. At the top of the new building a rehearsal room for the ballet is foreseen.

At the same time the main stage of the theatre will become deeper, reaching 70 meters in total. The new construction is supposed to be finished in 2021.

The new extension
(c) Studio Mario Botta

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