A space a few meters from Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, between Via Tommaso Grossi and Via Santa Margherita, has been named Largo Claudio Abbado.

Ten years after the passing of the conductor, music director of La Scala for 18 years, as well as music director of many other international theaters and orchestras the naming ceremony and unveiling of the plaque was held with the attendance of Mayor Giuseppe Sala, Councillor for Culture Tommaso Sacchi, Teatro alla Scala Superintendent Dominique Meyer, La Scala music director Riccardo Chailly and Claudio Abbado’s son Daniele.

« All of us are truly happy to be here today to dedicate this largo that is so close to our beloved Scala, » the mayor said in his speech. « This dedication is very meritorious, not least because of what Abbado has passed on to our country in terms of ideas, vision and testimony. One of the things I often recall among his messages is his emphasis that culture is as essential as water is, and hence the metaphor of theaters, libraries, and cinemas as aqueducts that bring culture to our citizens. La Scala is a great aqueduct. Everything Abbado left us, we jealously preserve. »

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