Mikhail Pochekin

Early in September, a new chamber music festival will take place in the Bavarian city of Landshut. The artistic director of the festival is the violinist Mikhail Pochekin.

The Bavarian town has a long and very rich tradition of chamber music: ‘Freunde der Musik’ have been organizing major concerts here for more than 70 years. Among the historical musical events is the first concert of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in 1997, which had its Founding Residence in Landshut.

This year the concert season of Freunde der Musik will open for the first time with a chamber music festival, with guests including 13 internationally renowned musicians.

“This year we are going to present five concerts in three days. During this brief time, the musicians will work very profoundly with wonderful chamber works. It will be a true musical laboratory. It is important for me that in the first part of the concerts smaller ensembles appear, almost always in a duo, and then in the second part works in large formations, quartets or quintets, such as Brahms’s clarinet quintet, « Quatuor pour la fin du temps » by Olivier Messiaen, Schumann’s Piano Quartet, or Dvorak’s Piano Quintet…” Pochekin said

You can learn more about the festival here.


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