Merita, a European platform for music and territory announces the 38 string quartets that have been selected to join the innovative European project that supports music and territory by creating shared value for all. The quartets come from all over Europe (Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia, Finland, Greece) have an average age of 28.5 and in total consist of 91 women and 61 men.

Here are the names of the 38 quartets that will be part of Merita:

Adam Quartet, Quartetto Adorno, Airis String Quartet, Akela Quartet, Akhtamar Quartet, Quatuor Akilone, Alinde Quartett, Amai Quartet, Animato Quartet, Antarja Quartet, Atenea Quartet, Belinfante Quartet, Chaos String Quartet, Desguin Kwartet, Quartetto Eos, Erinys Quartet, Fabrik Quartet, Quartet Gerhard, Quartetto Goldberg, Cuarteto Iberia, Quartetto Indaco, Kandinsky Quartet, Karski Quartet, Kleio Quartet, Malion Quartett, Medea String Quartet, String Quartet Meraki, Quatuor Mirages, Quatuor Mona, Moser String Quartet, Nerida Quartet, New Cretan Quartet, Protean Quartet, PuraCorda Ensemble, Skazka Kwartet, Sonoro Quartet, Viride Kwartet, Quatuor Wassily.

The 38 quartets will be part of the three-year project MERITA – where chamber music, cultural hERItage and TAlent meet.  This is a digital and real-life circuiting platform whose main objective is to increase the visibility and circulation of emerging professional European string quartets through a dedicated platform

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Dimore del Quartetto launches new project Merita

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