The court decision to put Kirill Serebrennikov under house arrest is more and more criticized by various musicians and other cultural actors. The Russian-Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis, Music Director in Perm, Russia, has issued a strong statement against the Russian system of justice, and violinist Gidon Kremer did the same yesterday.

“I am upset, angry and depressed,” Irina Prokhorova, a prominent editor and publisher, said after the judge’s decision. “This is reminiscent of the sad examples from our past. It’s an obvious message to creative people and intellectual society: this is what will happen to everyone who does not submit.”

In Moscow hundreds of people gathered to protest against the arrest that they call politically motivated. Several protesters were arrested by the police.

Serebrennikov is known his public defence of LGBT rights and regular criticisms of the Kremlin. He also demonstrated against Russia’s actions during the 2008 war with Georgia and signed statements in defense of the female collective Pussy Riot.

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