From March 25 to April 7, Barcelona will host the 63rd edition of the Maria Canals International Music Competition. 81 pianists from 31 different countries are expected to compete, selected from more than 180 registered from 35 countries.

The President of the jury is the Uruguayan Carlos Cebro (Artistic Director of the Maria Canals Competition); the members of the jury are Enrique Bagaria (Spain), Ewa Osinska (Poland), Alexey Lebedev (Russia), Mamiko Suda (Japan), David Lively (USA), Eliane Reyes (Belgium), Manana Doijashvili (Georgia) and Michel Dalberto (France).

With many art and education activities around the competition, the ‘Maria Canals’ shows a flourishing vitality. More information is available here.

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