24 young conductors will compete for prizes in the international Malko Competition on 15-20 April.
The Danish National Symphony Orchestra’s international Malko Competition says that almost 400 conductors had applied to take part in this year’s competition. The 24 selected candidates come from 20 different countries.

Kim Bohr, Director of DR’S Koncerthuset, says about this year’s field of candidates:
« We will have a nice geographical spread on five continents in the 2024 Malko Competition – from South America to North Africa, North America, Asia and of course Europe. It is good to see, in the field of participants, some nationalities which are rare in the context of conductors side by side with several well-known nations. No Danes have made it through the eye of the needle for the competition, but we do have three Scandinavians. »
While the geographical spread in this year’s Malko field is greater than it has been in recent years, there is, on the other hand, a smaller proportion of female candidates. Disappointingly, we have not received as many applications from female conductors this time as we did, for example, for the last Malko Competition in 2021. This is reflected in the final field of candidates. »

Luis Castillo-Bricekio, 27 (Costa Rica)
Dong Chao, 26 (China)
Euan Shields, 25 (US)
Jakub Przybycieh. 28 (Poland)
Wilson Ng, 34 (Hong Kong)
Dayner Tafur-Diaz, 26 (Peru)
Samuel Seungwon Lee, 34 (Korea)
Magnus Fryklund, 34 (Sweden)
Andreas Patrik Hansson, 28 (Sweden)
Alizé Léhon, 26 (France)
Nils Erik Maseidvag, 31 (Norway)
Anna Handler, 26 (Germany)
Luka Hauser, 26 (Germany)
Sieva Borzak, 27 (Italy)
Miguel Sepiilveda, 26 (Portugal)
Francesco Cagnasso, 32 (Switzerland)
Richard Octaviano Kogima, 33 (Brazil)
Nathanael lselin, 30 (France)
Omar El jamali, 32 (Morocco)
Sasha Yankevych, 32 (Ukraine)
Chloe Rooke, 27 (UK)
Ana Maria Pathio-Osorio, 28 (Colombia)
Omer Shteinhart, 29 (Israel)
Alexander Sinan Binder, 33 (Germany)

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