Philharmonie Luxembourg
(c) Wade Zimmermann

Amateur musicians will have a place on the stage of the Philharmonie in Luxembourg. In founding the amateur orchestra Orchestre de la Place de l’Europe, the Philharmonie implements an idea long held within the institution. The pandemic has only illustrated once again the social necessity of shared music-making. In this spirit, the Philharmonie considers its new amateur orchestra an invitation to all hobby musicians from the region to assume an active role at the Philharmonie. The orchestra will be conducted by Benjamin Schäfer, a percussionist in the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL).

The orchestra welcomes all instrumentalists interested in playing together in an ensemble which unites people from different backgrounds and professional walks of life with diverse musical experience.

It offers approximately 80 places for adult musicians who come together for weekly rehearsals and play one final concert per season at the Philharmonie’s Grand Auditorium.


Applications can be submitted via the website, where further information is available.

The application deadline for the first season is November 30, 2021.

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