Marcel Reuter

The second edition of the Composition Summer School, organized by United Instruments of Lucilin and Neimënster, will take place from September 8th to 14th. Eight young composers from around the world, musicians from Lucilin, composers Isabel Mundry and Marcel Reuter will meet and work together during one week and present their works on September 10th at 20h00 at Neimënster for the first public evening of the Composition Summer School 2016. The evening will consist of a concert to introduce the different artists involved in the Summer School and of a roundtable discussion with Isabel Mundry, Marcel Reuter and Alexander Schubert on the theme « Working with sound, space and light. The role of the composer today? ». It will be a great opportunity for the young composers, the public and music professionals to share ideas and discuss on what it means to be a composer today.

Another showcase concert is announced for the 14 September at 8 p.m.


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