Alexander Müllenbach
Photo: Remy Franck

Luxembourg Music Publishers announced that they are preparing numerous and important publications in September. The Heritage section will definitely take off with publications by composers Edmond Cigrang, Jeannot Heinen, Carlo Hommel, and, possibly, René Mertzig.

Edmond Cigrang’s work is of highest interest! His influence on the next generation of Luxembourg composers was important.

Jeannot Heinen (1937-2009) was a very prolific composer, and the publicastion will start with his works for violin, composed for his wife Dora Entcheva.

Carlo Hommel (1953-2006 was organist at the Cathedral of Luxembourg and wrote mainly for Catholic Church offices. LMP wants to pay tribute to an important figure of our recent musical environment.

Two very important works of Alexander Müllenbach will be published as well: ‘Ritual für Violine, C-Trompete & Schlagzeug’ (1981), ‘Lost Islands’ für Violine, Klarinette und Klavier (1988).

Next composer to join LMP will be Philippe Partridge. Some of his recent works will be published this autumn.

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