The promotion of composers from Luxembourg or in close contact with this country is the main objective of a new organization, Luxembourg Music Publishers, run by a team comprising Claude Krier as president, as well as internationally renowned composers Alexander Müllenbach and Camille Kerger as vice-presidents.

The concept is based on ‘print on demand’, every score being digitalized, registered with a personal reference and the ISMN reference, stored on hard-disc and printed if ordered. The production time, so we learn, is very short and allows to respond within a few days to any order.

The task of selling and printing scores is today a lot easier than in past times, with a majority of composers working with dedicated softwares and integrated printing solutions.

The growing catalogue of scores belonging to the so called art music is aimed to help composers in getting their works performed or used in conservatoires and music schools.

The new platform really fills a gap since only a few composers from Luxembourg have found an international publisher and no representative publisher exists in the Grand-Duchy. Some composers may have succeeded with a self-made promotion but the majority will take profit in becoming part of the Luxembourg Music Publishers.

Concerned with the maintenance of high standards and consistency, Luxembourg Music Publishers work according such criteria as quality and sales prospects. A contract will regulate the collaboration as well as the income distribution between composers and LMP. Such a contract does not affect property rights which totally remain with the composers.

Currently the catalogue offers some 200 scores whether for purchasing or for renting.

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