The catalogue of publications by Luxembourg Music Publishers has expanded considerably, the organization said. In the Heritage collection, several instrumental works by Luxembourg’s first national composer Laurent Menager have been added. « During our research, we discovered that some works benefited from interesting transcriptions for other instruments. By publishing this complete overview we hope that interesting pieces of our past will be rediscovered », LMP said.

« To pay tribute to our tradition of wind orchestras, we publish several works or transcriptions for this type of instrumental ensemble. André Reichling, former conductor of the Luxembourg Military Band has joined us and his knowledge is of great value to us. Latest publication, the Fantaisie espagnole by Norbert Hoffmann (1916-2011), former conductor of the Army Band and important composer of the past. »

The Pedagogical section will be developed substantially: « It is obvious that if we want to bring our composers and their music closer to the usual music lover, we must start by raising the awareness of young people in the schools. The goal of our Pedagogical section is to provide teachers of music schools and conservatories with interesting instrumental literature of our composers and which can be included in the curriculum and as set pieces for exams. We would like to call for the cooperation of all instrument teachers to report interesting works by composers in relation to Luxembourg and to give information about the degree of difficulty. LMP does not publish compositions for beginners, but even very easy degree pieces may be interesting.

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