Luxembourg Music Publishers (LMP) has been granted a substantial financial support by the foundation Oeuvre de Secours Grande-Duchese Charlotte, in order to publish important works of deceased composers. Preliminaries to the publishing of works by René Mertzig, Jeannot Heinen and Edmond Cigrang will soon be completed and the first scores will be published by the end of this year.

LMP also informs that Jeannot Sanavia recently joined the edition. ‘Hélice’, a symphonic work premiered in September by Solistes Européens Luxembourg and Christoph König, is his first composition be published by LMP. Claude Kraus, belonging to the very young generation of Luxembourg composers has also joined LMP, so that the responsible say: « This new participation also shows that LMP is establishing itself as the must-publishing platform of the Luxembourg contemporary music. »

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