Luxembourg has entered a partnership with Impuls Neue Musik, making it a new member country of the fund which favors collaborations between Germany, France, Switzerland and henceforth Luxembourg in the field of  contemporary music, trying to boast exchanges between French-speaking and German-speaking linguistic and cultural spaces.

« It is through the diversity of their languages, dialects, landscapes, traditions, their similarities and political, economic, and cultural contrasts, that these two spaces build the European continent on their own », the press release says.

Impuls Neue Musik supports actors of the contemporary music sector who wish to work in a multifaceted environment and venture in an atypical field. The fund seeks to establish dialogues in which composers, musicians, interpreters and organizers transcribe the richness of these cultures through transborder projects. The notion of “border” is not just to be understood by its geographical sense. It is also about the boundaries between genres and formats. It is therefore not just a matter of performing contemporary works from one country or the other, but also about in-depth exchange. The funding granted by Impuls neue Musik for commissioned works has got a real influence on the creative work in all four countries.

Impuls Neue Musik can support cross-border projects that are still under development. Projects must be developed and performed in Germany, France, Switzerland or Luxembourg, with the idea of exchange between the German- and French-speaking cultural areas at the heart of the project. Preference will be given to projects developed and/or presented in at least two of the four countries. Particular attention is paid to the intensity and quality of the artistic exchange between the project partners.

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