33,7 – a project by the Luxembourg based contemporary music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin – is based on the idea of a gigantic musical cartography portraying the population mix characteristic of the south of Luxembourg and its French neighboring region. A mix or diversity that will be transcribed in 2022 minutes (33,7 hours!) of music commissioned or borrowed from composers whose nationalities, gender, generations will represent in a proportional way the population of the region concerned by Esch2022 European Capital of Culture.

During two days, United Instruments of Lucilin’s musicians and invited artists will offer a variety of projects including concerts, live cinemas, multimedia installations, improvisations, listening sessions and a dance ball! As a final event, Francesco Tristano will perform live his 33,7 minute Remix of the 33,7 hour festival!

The 33 projects, presenting contemporary music in a wide range of styles and aesthetics, comprise more than 100 works by 62 composers representing the 122 nationalities of Esch-sur-Alzette (and its surroundings) – among others: Francesco Tristano (LU), François Sarhan (FR), Igor Silva (PT), Giulia Lorusso (IT), James Dillon (UK), Philippe Manoury (FR), Fátima Fonte (PT), Gast Waltzing (LU), Sonja Mutić (RS/HR), Stefan Prins (BE), Tatsiana Zelianko (LU), Camille Kerger (LU), Jose Luis Valdivia Arias (ES), Filippo Zapponi (FR/IT), Henning Sieverts (DE)

The Festival will take place in (almost) all the Kulturfabrik’s rooms.

The program per room is available here: https://kulturfabrik.lu/project/337

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