Franz Liszt

The piano competition Liszt Utrecht 2026 has been announced. It will take place from January 16 to January 26 at Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. While the event revolves around Franz Liszt’s music, each edition has a different composer as its theme. Following the 2022 edition, which focused on Schubert, the 2026 edition will spotlight a somewhat forgotten composer/pianist: Carl Maria von Weber. Liszt was an admirer of Von Weber’s works and performed them regular during his concerts.

The 2026 edition will highlight both original piano solo and chamber music compositions of Van Weber as well as Liszt’s transcriptions of his operatic works. Furthermore there will be a new work by Dutch composer Joey Roukens.

The Jury will comprise such artists as Mariam Batsashvili, Severin von Eckardstein, Janina Fialkowska and Saskia Giorgini.

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