Under fascist leaders, culture and especially music risk losing a lot of support. So, the day after the American shock, Europeans, French and German people in the front line, have to learn that the only possibility to stop this nightmare is to fight it with all the possible democratic and civilian means. And first of all, we should stop calling those people right-wing, populist or whatever other belittling cosy names. Call them fascists or neo-fascists if you want to be more nuanced, call their movement fascism or neo-fascism.

It’s a damned duty for politicians of the traditional parties to get rid of their established functioning and to open to new values and new methods, in other word, to become trustworthy again.

Furthermore all democratic media have now the absolute duty to better inform people who are likely to vote for fascists, inform them about what fascists are, and what the population has to expect from them. People need to see and to hear, what fascism does to communities, and there are a lot of examples to speak about.

As long as people going to vote about a state’s politics are not obliged (eventually by getting a voter’s license after an appropriate examination) to have the knowledge and the overall insight of politics, basic information is essential. In America, a largely stultified part of the population which got only bribes of information has caused damage not only to the United States. The problem for the rest of the world and especially Europe is that not even half of the Americans were able to provoke such a damaging vote which, and there I see the major danger, has a very strong knock-on effect. This danger is real and I fundamentally disagree with everybody telling that there are other options and, at the end, hope. Today, listening to music in order to forget about everything else is no longer the right way to go.

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