Joshua Brown

At the festive Prizewinners’ concert yesterday evening in Augsburg, American violinist Joshua Brown, First Prize winner of the competition, also was awarded the Audience Award.

At the concert, together with the Munich Radio Symphony conducted by Domonkos Heja, he ravishingly played Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto.

Joshua Brown

Karisa Chiu, Second Prize, played a radiant first movement of Mozart’s Concerto K. 218, and Kaoru Oe, Third Prize, was heard in a lively performance of the last movement of K. 219. Oe also performed, in presence of the composer, Soleos, the commissioned work of this year’s Leopold Mozart Competition, written by Elzbieta Sikora. Oe won the Prize for the best performance of this composition.

The Critics Jury, Anna Picard, Remy Franck and Jens Laurson gave their Award to Simon Wiener, a Swiss violinist who not made it into the final round, yet impressed the three critics with « his consummate passion for conversing through music, his musical and expressive intelligence, his unique approach to the composers and his choice of repertoire ». Left and right of the three critics are Paul Waning, President of the Leopold Mozart Kuratorium and Simon Pickel, the Managing Director of the competition

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