Due to the sanitary situation in 2021 and the postponement of the ICMA Award Ceremony from April to June, Ensemble Diderot was not able to receive the trophy for their winning release The Berlin Album in the Baroque Instrumental category. One and a half year later, the ensemble’s Johannes Pramsohler was able to join the ICMA Board members in Paris, where he was presented the trophy for this beautiful Audax release of which the Jury said: « With The Berlin Album, the violinist Johannes Prahmsohler and his high-profile Ensemble Diderot continue their metropolis series. After focussing on composers from Dresden, Paris and London, they take a look here at Trio Sonatas by such masters as Graun, Kirnberger, Benda or Schulz. Their interpretations harmoniously combine poetry, reflection and virtuosity, and captivate with their wide palette of colours and shades. These intimate performances emphasise the music’s melodic beauty. »

The photo shows, from the right, Martin Hoffmeister, Johannes Pramsohler, Remy Franck, Serhan Bali and Nicola Cattò.

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