The Philharmonie de Paris and the Paris Mozart Orchestra have announced the names of the 12 conductors who have been selected to participate in the inaugural staging of La Maestra International for Women Conductors, which will take place in Paris from the 16th to the 19th of March 2020.

Selected from 220 applications from 51 different countries, the candidates come from 11 countries:
Mélisse BRUNET, 42 (France)
Sara CANEVA, 28 (Italy)
Stephanie CHILDRESS, 20 (Great Britain / France)
Holly CHOE, 28 (South Korea / USA)
Maria FULLER, 29 (Canada)
Lina GONZALEZ-GRANADOS Lina, 33 (Colombia)
Yuwon KIM, 31 (South Korea)
Jiajing LAI, 28 (China)
Delyana LAZAROVA, 34 (Bulgaria)
Ana Maria PATIÑO-OSORIO, 24 (Colombia)
Rebecca TONG, 35 (USA / Indonesia)
Gladysmarli del Valle VADEL MARCANO, 24 (Venezuela)

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