It was a very special all-female final: all but one of the candidates came from South Korea, and the winner is Jinjoo Cho. That would not be a problem, if her teacher was not …Jaime Laredo, the Jury’s president. International competitions definitely need a new ethical rule for that topic.

Here is the winner list:
Jinjoo Cho, 26, South Korea (Gold Medal, $30,000)
Tessa Lark, 25, United States (Silver Medal, $15,000)
Ji Young Lim, 19, South Korea (Bronze Medal, $10,000)
Dami Kim, 25, South Korea (Fourth Laureate, $7,000)
Yoo Jin Jang, 23, South Korea (Fifth Laureate, $6,000)
Ji Yoon Lee, 22, South Korea (Sixth Laureate, $5,000)


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