Myung-Whun Chung

Conductor Myung-whun Chung’s wife of has been booked on defamation charges in a court case that led to the resignation of the administrative head of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korean media report. Chung’s wife, 67, is accused of prompting her husband’s secretary to write and distribute an anonymous letter that Hyun-jung Park, the former CEO of the Seoul Philharmonic, sexually and verbally harassed orchestra members, police said.

Last December, 10 members of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra filed a complaint against Park over sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Park quit her job in December 2014. But in August 2015, she was cleared of the charges due to lack of evidence.

Now Chung’s wife and the 10 members of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Chung’s secretary are booked on defamation charges against Park.

According to the Korean news agency Yonhap, the board of the Seoul Philharmonic plans to hold a meeting today, in order to decide whether or not to extend Chung’s contract as music director.

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