Kirill Karabits
Photo: Sussie Ahlburg

Due to the continuing quarantine restrictions on travel into the UK, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Chief Conductor Kirill Karabits will be unable to conduct the opening performance of the live streamed series on Wednesday 30 September. He is not only ‘devastated’, but also criticizing the UK regulations.

Karabits, who last week made his debut with Zurich Opera conducting a production of Mussorgsky’s opera Boris Godunov said of the news: “I am devastated not to be able to join my colleagues and friends for this historic and important moment for us all at the BSO. To be cut off from my longstanding musical partners for so many months is frustrating – I cannot wait to be reunited again soon”.

On Twitter he added a sentence which was not part of his orchestra’s announcement: « After leading a full scale opera in Zurich I can’t enter the UK.  Regular workers, film actors are exempted from quarantine, but not chief conductors. »

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