The latest Karajanist Community Letter is dedicated almost entirely to Karajan’s relationship with Shostakovich. This week Pizzicato is starting a collaboration with the Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institute, and we will from now on draw the attention of our readers to the most important topics of the Karajanist Newsletter.

Shostakovich and Karajan were about the same age. Karajan admired Shostakovich and he even admitted that if he had become a composer instead of a conductor, his music would have sounded like Shostakovich’s. Although Karajan studied several symphonies by Shostakovich (for example the 5th and the monumental 8th), he only performed and recorded the very personal 10th, the one that Shostakovich started to compose immediately after Stalin’s death in March 1953.

Via the Karajanist Newsletter, interested readers have access to studio recordings, concerts in the USSR, memoirs and stories about these two giants of 20th century music. Here is the link to this week’s Karajanist Community Letter.

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