Kansas City Symphony announced that, to date, the so called Masterpiece Campaign has raised nearly $52 million thanks to many generous donors. This comes close to the goal of the largest endowment campaign in the orchestra’s history.

The Masterpiece Campaign was created to strengthen and secure the future of the Kansas City Symphony.

Now in the final phase, the community at large has been invited to invest in the future of its orchestra. “We are excited to be near our campaign goal,” said Executive Director Frank Byrne, “And we now need support from our entire community to take our thriving Symphony into the future. Just as every note is essential in a Beethoven symphony, every gift regardless of size makes a difference to our campaign. With broad community support, we will complete the campaign.”

Once an additional $2 million are secured through public appeal, generous supporters have pledged to donate the remaining $1.25 million to complete the campaign.

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