Joshua Weilerstein
(c) Jacob Boserup

On his Facebook page and on Twitter, Amercian conductor Joshua Weilerstein announced, that he will donate a fee to a North Carolina LGTB movement.

He writes: « Like millions of Americans, I was appalled last March when the North Carolina Legislature passed the anti-LGBT bill HB2. In October, I visited North Carolina to conduct the North Carolina Symphony, and with the passage of this law, I felt that a statement must be made in support of the LGBT community of North Carolina and LGBT communities across the country. To be clear, this was a decision that I came to on my own, with no involvement from the staff, musicians, or administration of the North Carolina Symphony.

To perform with a symphonic orchestra requires a profound sense of inclusion in order to listen, respond, and communicate together. If one person in that musical community is left out, the whole ensemble can crumble. The stakes are of course much higher for the LGBT community, and their fight for inclusion and acceptance continues to this day. In the aftermath of the electoral season, I believe it is even more important to reaffirm our support for all minority communities. To that end, I would like to announce that I will be donating my performance fee for my October performances in Raleigh to Equality NC, one of the most effective LGBT rights organizations in North Carolina. Sincerely, Joshua Weilerstein. »

Joshua Weilerstein (*1987) is Artistic Director of the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne.

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