Jordi Savall
(c) David Ignaszewski

Jordi Savall and Le Concert des Nations have cancelled a series of concerts in several cities, after the Maestro tested positive for COVID-19. Jordi Savall posted the following message on his Facebook page: « On October 6th, after a strict sanitary control, the orchestra Le Concert des Nations and Maestro Savall traveled to Wroclaw (Poland) to perform in the prestigious NFM hall the last Beethoven 250 academy planned until October 11th. During those days, concerts were held and the 8th and 9th symphonies were recorded, except for the final choral part. This cancellation was necessary because several cases of Covid 19 were detected among the members of the NFM choir and one of the soloists. Although no one showed any symptoms of illness, on the 12th it was decided to cancel the concert in Krakow scheduled for the 13th and all the musicians returned to their places of residence and underwent PCR tests, a necessary condition to know if they could continue with the following concerts scheduled in Paris (14th), Hamburg (17th and 18th), Linz (21st and 22nd) and Barcelona (25th).

Of all the tests carried out, most of the musicians have given negative results and, so far, only two have been positive: one of the tour managers and the Maestro himself.

Jordi Savall is well, temperature and pressure within normal. He is resting confined to his house without showing any symptoms and, especially, he is recovering from an intense week of work. For this reason, the Maestro has had to cancel the next concerts scheduled in Paris, Hamburg, Linz, Liceu de Barcelona and Innsbruck and will continue to be scrupulously confined to his home until the end of the month and until he is sure that he is not a vector of contagion. Thank you very much for your interest and support. »

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