Ivan Fischer
Photo: Marco Borggreve

Hungarian conductor Ivan Fischer, 67, has explained via his Facebook page why he had to cancel a series of concerts. He had to undergo several eye surgeries.

He writes: « Dear friends,

First of all, I want to thank everybody who sent me kind wishes and thoughtful messages in this difficult period. For all other friends, I summarize briefly what has happened to me in the last few weeks, and what caused my absence.

After two minor operations in June in Berlin, I hoped that the retina in my right eye would be repaired. However, on the 12th of July the retina detached completely, and I lost eyesight of one eye. I had to interrupt the brief family holiday, and fly home immediately. Next morning I was operated in Budapest, but unfortunately the retina detached again and a second operation was necessary on the 20th of July. This one was successful. My right eye is filled now with silicone oil, and I had to lie with a head position on my side continuously until today. After a medical control this morning I was assured that the retina is finally in a good state. I am gradually allowed to reduce keeping my head in the prescribed position. Because the retina was badly damaged, the silicone oil needs to stay in my eye for at least six months, during which my eyesight will be slightly blurred. After this period, a new operation will be necessary to remove this substance.

Sadly, I had to miss the Verbier festival this summer, which I deeply regret. But I hope to recover for the festival tour of the Budapest Festival Orchestra in the second half of August. I want to express my gratitude to.

Dr. Gábor Vogt for his successful therapy, and his whole team for doing their best, even after hours when an urgent surgery was necessary.

I want to advise all my friends to take maximum care of their eyes. Please, whenever you see light flashes, go to an eye doctor immediately. Speed is extremely important! »

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