Alfredo Kraus

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Alfredo Kraus International Foundation have completed the inventory work of the artistic and personal legacy of the Gran Canaria tenor Alfredo Kraus.

All the documents transferred to Gran Canaria from former Kraus residences in Lanzarote and Madrid are now waiting for possible restoration and subsequent storage and exhibition in the rooms and warehouses of the future museum dedicated to the famous singer, whose location will be announced soon.

After the first phase of classification of documents and photographs, the next step will be the digitization and storage of the originals in their respective special permanent preservation supports, which in turn will be kept in the official archive of the museum center, which could be open next year together with the headquarters of the Foundation.

The future School of Singing is another of the important initiatives that the Alfredo Kraus International Foundation intends to develop. For this reason, the website includes a section that will be dedicated to all the activity generated.


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