Artistic Director Drazen Domjanic, ICMA President Remy Franck
(c) Christine Kocher

In 2016, the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) and the Foundation International Music Academy in Liechtenstein created their Discovery Award, aimed at distinguishing young musicians from 12 to 18 years, and which, since that year, has been an important part of the annual ICMA awards. Both partners have signed a new contract, thus ensuring their collaboration for another three years, from 2022 to 2024.

With ICMA’s independent panel of judges comprising 19 music critics from 16 countries, the ICMA help young musicians to get the recognition they will need in this rapidly changing world and encourage them to face future challenges. « We are deeply grateful to organize the Discovery Award in cooperation with the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein and to receive the necessary financial support from their Foundation allowing us to develop this project in the best possible way », says ICMA President Remy Franck.

« The cooperation between our Academy and ICMA has been very fruitful so far, and the Discovery Award complements our target of educating outstanding musicians holistically, » says Drazen Domjanic, Artistic Director and Managing Director of the International Music Academy in Liechtenstein.

From 2016, the winners were

Nikolai Song
(c) ICMA

2016: Nikola Song, flute,


Robert Neumann
(c) Andreas Domjanic

2017: Robert Neumann, piano,


Yuan Yu, Discovery Award © Bartek Barczyk

2018: Yuan Yu, flute






Eva Gevorgyan und ICMA-Präsident Remy Franck

2019: Eva Gevorgyan, piano


Philipp Schupelius
(c) Andreas Domjanic

2020: Philipp Schupelius, cello


Maya Wichert

2021: Maya Wichert, violin





Julian Kainrath


2022: Julian Kainrath, violin

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