Sidney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House just launched ‘Own Our House’, a unique fundraising campaign that gives people in Australia and around the world the opportunity to show their support for the Opera House by buying a virtual tile on the tallest roof sail of the Opera House, known as A2. It covers the Concert Hall and has more than 125,000 tiles. The tiles come in Snow (matt) and Ice (shiny) finishes and give the famous sails their extraordinary lustre. Ice tiles will be offered for $100 and the rarer Snow tiles for $400. Tiles are available to purchase online at

Tile owners, known as Housemates, will be able to choose their tile online and personalize it with a photo and short message. There is also the possibility to form or join virtual tile communities with friends, family and famous artists, visit their tile and share it through social media. The may also search for other Housemates and see what they have done with their tiles or, why not, buy a tile as a gift

Housemates will own their tiles for the Opera House’s decade of renewal, launched as part of the 40th Anniversary. The ‘Own Our House’ campaign gives everyone the chance to be a catalyst in the renewal process. Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron said the funds raised by ‘Own Our House’ would go first and foremost to help renew the building. “The Opera House belongs to everyone. This campaign gives people a really tangible, practical way of showing how much they care. It provides the seed funding for the renewal campaign of Australia’s greatest icon.”

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