Music Director Zubin Mehta

While politicians, in their usual manner, let us know that the badly shaped  finances of the ‘Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’ will improve and that the ‘Maggio’ will continue to be « a grandiose  reality », as stated the Minister for ‘Beni Culturali’, Massimo Bray, the employees and artists of the theatre are not so convinced that they look towards such a bright future.

They fear that the authorities will let them heavily participate in the financial improvement, so that they would have to pay for the huge amount of faults and waste made by the government and the various general managers.

That’s why a group of workers and employees of the ‘Teatro’ have created an association, ‘Io sono il Maggio’ (I am the Maggio) which is meant to support their institution.

They say: « Our goal is to generate a synergy and a deeper relationship between those who create and those who enjoy the cultural product – the public, opera, ballet and music lovers, professionals, students, etc.. – To promote this, the opportunity for membership has been extended to include associations, along with individuals. Through crowd funding, today a new subject is born, aimed at staging productions that would only employ internal resources, for the intended purpose, stated in our Constitution, of promoting and developing Culture, in an active involvement in preserving what we consider a proper community value. »

Funds are supposed to come from membership, donations and merchandising.

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