Russia media reported that Russian conductor Yuri Mikhailenko participated in the international  Kodaly Conducting Competition in Debrecen, Hungary. « Yuri Mikhailenko, who has been successfully leading the Stavropol Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra for several years, will undoubtedly represent the Russian conducting school, which is known throughout the world. », the newspaper said and added: « Here is another vivid example of the fact that Russian culture will not be canceled by any sanctions. »

This shows how Russian media use culture and music for interior propaganda to strengthen the perverted Putin regime.

And thus, the conclusion suggests that all, whether organizers, journalists or other actors, who, invoking political independence of art, give publicity to Russian interpreters who have not clearly spoken out against the war, become abettors of Russian propaganda, whitewashing the Putin regime and its barbaric war.

Gladfully the Russian candidate in the Kodaly Conducting Competition did not make it into the second round after he showed what was the most disappointing performance in the first round. If what we saw and heard was the Russian conducting school, then this school has dramatically suffered from the war and is now on its lowest level.

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