Houston Grand Opera - Wortham Center

Due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey, all performances of the Houston Symphony’s Ella at 100 concerts on September 1, 2 & 3 have been cancelled. The orchestra further says that the Patron Services Center is closed indefinitely.

Houston Grand Opera Managing Director Perryn Leech and Artistic and Music Director Patrick Summers have issued the following statement:

« Our great city and region are continuing to suffer from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and we know that we are facing a long recovery together. Following is an update on the Wortham Theater Center, whose two theaters, the Brown and Cullen, are home to Houston Grand Opera.

The Wortham had water penetration into the front of house areas at a low level due to high water; that water has now receded and left residual dirt. In the back of house, water surged over the storm defense and some water went onto the Brown Theater stage. This was at a low level but has resulted in damage to the surface of the stage. The

Cullen Theater stage has little water damage and the dressing room corridor had water, but also at a low level. The  basement of the building is completely full of flood water. We want to thank Houston First, Theater District Inc. engineers, and Andy Frank Security for their great work in protecting the building from even worse damage. The Theater District garage is completely flooded and will undoubtedly be closed for some time for repairs and cleanup. Fortunately, HGO staff members had the foresight to move valuable instruments and many costumes, including those for our opening productions of La Traviata and Julius Caesar, to higher floors in advance of the storm.

Houston Grand Opera will be out of our offices until after Labor Day. Our website remains down. »


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